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Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Our first trip in our van 'Lemon' was to Norden Farm where we spent 2 nights: walking, talking and taking photos. We love the van lifestyle as it is much slower, relaxed and freeing; we are currently converting a Citroen Dispatch van into a camper so we can travel and take photos.

our first trip was a success and we got some great photos in the time we were there. our first night was spent with rain and wind so we did not really want to leave the van however, the next morning was beautiful and we captured these portraits of each other surrounded by ferns. after using the ferns to frame and add interest to the photos we traveled deeper into the forest to discover little intermediate landscapes among the plants and both started to photography them. We wanted to use many different elements to make for an interesting photo.

Back at the van now and we started planning the evening shoot as it was forecasted to be sunny and clear skies, we decided after many games of Uno to walk around the outside of the forest in hope to photograph the beautiful sky. We set off around 9 with high spirits only to find a very small underwhelming sunset which was very empty devoid of any interesting cloud formations. We kept walking with a small amount of hope and then the moon came into view finally giving us a subject to shot. Then everything came alive while we where focusing on the moon- the sunset came changed drastically giving use some beautiful colors and a great subject!

After that night we headed home with our spirits raised and minds racing planning our next trip!

All our photos are available to buy A4 size framed for £30- just email us,

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