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Our Film Photography Journy

We recently started experimenting with film photography and the different unique perspectives within it. Upon our first film cameras we were invested in the creation of film photography and the many different techniques within its practices. We grab any film we could and started shooting, first photographing local landscapes such as Durdle door, Saint Albens head chapel, Kimmerage, old Harry rocks and many more around Purbeck and Swanage.

Once we had a firm grasp on how to create a film image we headed further a field first going to Dartmoor and Exmoor where we’d photograph the stunning landscapes and interesting rock features surrounding this beautiful location. In Exmoor we explored the small villages and captured some antique inspired photos.

Mountains have always been a beautiful location for us to shoot as we feel so surrounded by nature and this shows through our photography. Wales was a perfect location to shoot film photography in as the dramatic scenery and the stunning mountains created so much atmosphere in our photos. Although there are stunning landscapes photographing with film in the pouring rain doesn't really work well, it destroyed a lot of photos.

I our next film challenge will be photographing portraits, we are really excited to experiment with this

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